Friday, December 10, 2010

I Can't Believe It! Shutterfly Rocks!!!

I love receiving Christmas cards, but sending them out can get expensive, especially postage. I was astonished when I saw this amazing deal with Shutterfly, I had to jump on the opportunity! Shutterfly’s Holiday Card promotion: 50 free cards for blogging about it! If you would like to participate follow this link.They have a great collection of cards , are eye-catching and will surely be the envy of card givers! I can only imagine how long it will take me to decide on the perfect one with all the choices they offer!We recently had family photos done and we were all wearing chocolate brown and red. I know they will have the perfect card to match our colors!One year for Christmas my mom made us all monthly calendars from Shutterfly and they turned out super cute. You should check them out.. Not only were the beneficial for the upcoming year, but it is also a calendar I refuse to throw away. It is so full of memories and was used to track our family activities throughout the year. I still have mine hanging in my office. I love looking at all the pictures and having my family's birthdays right in front of me. Such a great gift idea!They also have precious invitations for whatever you are up too! I especially like the birthday invitations you should definitely check those out too if you are having a birthday in your family.I have used Shutterfly numerous times in the past and it is so easy to work with and they create beautiful work with just a few clicks. They also run a lot of specials which is one reason I love them! Shipping is also reasonable and quick! You should definitely check them out!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My Cupcake is Three!

My "sweet" girl turned 3!! I can hardly believe it. Where has time gone? We decided to have Madi's birthday party at Benny Russell Park. Although it is October, it was still quite hot! All the kids had a blast. They got to decorate their own cupcakes, which was a big hit!

Madi received many great presents, but her favorite by far is from Aunt Suzie, Uncle Ed, and the kids. She got a new kitty!
Meet Anna Grace (named after her friend from church). We have since shortened her name to Grace.

Thank you to all of Madilyn's friends and family who came out to share her birthday with us!

Stampin' It Up!

Unknown to me, Nana was making cards for the ladies at work when we entered the scene. Madi just couldn't resist, she had to join in on the fun! Nana, being the patient grandma she is, welcomed Madi's little hands. They had a great time and thanks to the newspaper, cleanup was much easier! Thank you Nana for always being so patient!


Happy Grandparents Day!!

I just had to share this picture!! For Grandparents Day, Heidi (or Tia as Madi fondly calls her) helped Madi make cookies that resembled her grandparents. Madi was heartbroken when on the way to the car, her D cookie fell and broke! It was pitiful! Needless to say, after the D cookie incident...the Nana cookie didn't make it all the way home either! And boy was she delicious!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

We Have Another Fish On Our Hands!

Summer is coming to an end! We have officially started back to school. We are trying to soak up the last few weekends of being able to enjoy the pool. Madi started swimming this weekend all by herself. She has been attempting it for a while now, but she (or should I say, I) was too scared to let her go to the deep. Today she did it! Jumped right off the side in the deep, flipped her hair back, and swam to Nana! I'm so proud that my 2 year old is swimming!!!
She is getting way too big, way too fast!